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Bariatric Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation

I provide pre-surgical psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery patients. I am also a member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as an Integrated Health Care Professional. I have been involved in providing individual psychological support for bariatric surgery patients, assisted with post-surgical support groups, and helped lead psychoeducational seminars. 

What To Expect

Q. What does the evaluation involve?

     The evaluation includes an interview and several tests that will help me learn a lot about you as a person. During the interview you will be asked about various aspects of your life, including information about your past, your present situation, and your future goals after the surgery. The tests you will complete are not pass-fail tests and there is no preparation necessary prior to taking the test. The testing 

instruments help me identify your particular strengths, identify areas that need to be addressed to prepare you for surgery, and maximize your potential for long-term success. When the evaluation is completed, usually in about a week, I will send a copy of your report to you and your surgeon.


Q. How long does the evaluation take? 


     The evaluation takes approximately 2 hours with me and can usually be completed in one visit. Additional services are available if you would like to see me for a feedback session or follow-up therapy, prior to or following surgery.

 Q. Does my insurance cover the cost and how much does the evaluation cost? 


     Most insurance companies cover part of the cost of the evaluation. Depending on the insurance company and your particular group coverage, you may have a co-pay. The cost is $550, and payment in full is required at the time of the evaluation. I will provide you with the necessary information to file with your insurance company. If you plan to use health insurance, you should call them prior to your appointment to find out your benefits and coverage.


Q. How do I schedule an appointment?


      Call my office (703-288-0884) to request an appointment or email me at When you make an appointment, I will send you two forms which will provide me information about your general medical, psychological and weight management history. You will need to complete and return the forms to me a week before your appointment.

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