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Fees and Insurance

The fees for professional services are due at the time services are rendered and may be paid by check or cash. I offer a free telephone consultation to help determine what type of services would be most suited for you needs.

Fees for Services:


Initial Intake Interview - $175

First Session/75 minutes


Individual Psychotherapy - $150

60 minute session


Couples and Family Therapy - $160

50 minute session

Bariatric Psychological Evaluation - $550


For clients who demonstrate financial need,

I will work with you to make counseling services as financially manageable as possible.   

Insurance Reimbursement:


I am an in-network provider with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and Anthem. With all other insurance plans, I am an out-of-network provider. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Virginia, many of my services are covered under most insurance plans. Your insurance company may reimburse you according to the guidelines they have established for out-of-network providers. 


You should contact your insurance carrier to determine if they offer out-of-network mental health benefits. I will provide statements to submit to your provider, as well as provide any other necessary information needed to process your claim so that you can receive direct reimbursement.

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