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My Mission & Philosophy

My Mission

I seek to improve individual mental health and  strengthen interpersonal relationships by: 

  • Providing competent and compassionate counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. 

  • Offering therapeutic services that promote emotional and relational well-being.


  • Honoring the spiritual beliefs and values of each client throughout the therapeutic process. 


  • Helping my clients understand the reasons for their behaviors and how one can foster a more productive, or at least less destructive developmental process.

My Philosophy 


  • I view life as a series of developmental stages that individuals, couples, and families move through toward growth. At times, professional help may be needed to successfully navigate these stages. 


  • I believe that early childhood relationships create patterns that impact how we feel about ourselves and how we relate with others. 


  • I address current problems and symptoms with skill building and insight while exploring and resolving past relationship patterns and wounds.


  • I understand that the primary factor in the change process is a warm, trusting relationship between client and therapist. 


  • I use a gentle approach to therapy and individualize the process to address your specific concerns.

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